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The car was purchased January 2001 for $8250 and needed some loving and attention (mainly a new windscreen, some tyres and most importantly registration !!!). Once all these little things were done the car was on the road not more than 2 weeks later.

It ran fine for a long while (at least 12 months), I was saving up money for mods but studying at Uni full time didn't help that at all.

At first simple mods were done such as installing the stereo system from my old car ('86 Holden Astra which was nicknamed the "Rusty Red Rocket") which included:

  • Sony CD Head Unit
  • Front 5" Speakers
  • Rear 6x9's (already installed in custom parcel shelf)
  • Philips 4 x 120 Amplifier
  • 2 x 10" Kicker Inverse Cone Subwoofers in a custom box

    After the car had been running for a while I bought a Front Strut Brace ($120 at Sam's Auto One), this made the car feel alot firmer in the front end. But I new some serious suspension work would be in order to reduce the stock ride height and improve the cornering capabilities of the car.

    Not long after the club was started (SilviaNSW), about 3 months really, the car started to show some signs that the motor was on the way out, so I started saving like mad to get the new motor, 3 months later the CA18DE spun the bottom end bearing and was pretty much undriveable. Not long after that I graduated from Uni and managed to start saving money to get the SR20 conversion going (at first there were dreams of a S14 SR20DET with VVT, but due to finances and other problems an S13 was decided).

    During the time before the money was saved (6 months) the car underwent a few more changes, mainly the addition of the 17" Altstar wheels with 215/45/R17 Falken GRB tyres and Super Low King Springs (3 months old for $90). The car was still able to drive around locally (due to some quick fixes that were done almost on a weekly basis) and was finally put out of commission when the funds for the SR20 converison were finally available.

    Most Recently the car has had the CA18DE and Automatic transmission removed (by a friend and myself on one very hot Saturday) to make way for the SR20DET. I purchased a 180sx SR20DET Manual frontcut from Just Jap for $2800 and the car goes into Hills Motosport on February 12th to get the installation done. During the conversion the following mods will be completed:

  • SR20DET 5 Speed Manual Conversion
  • Large Front Mount Mik's Metalcraft Intercooler
  • 3" Turbo Back Exhaust System with 4-5" Cannonball style muffler
  • S15 Turbo Upgrade
  • Simota Pod Filter mounted in front bar (cold air induction setup)
  • PowerUp BOV
  • Walbro 550hp Hi Flow Fuel Pump

    As soon as it comes out I will put the following mods onto the car, they are waiting eagerly at home for that time:

  • Go Fast Bits Variable Boost Controller (bleed valve)
  • Autometer Boost Guage
  • Rear Strut Brace
  • Apexi RSM (Blue Screen)
  • Turbo Timer

    Soon after the conversion has taken place (mainly when I get some money saved up again) the following work will be done:

  • BRANT Alarm System (complete security system setup)
  • SR20 Daughterboard (so I can adjust fuel maps etc)
  • Hi Flow Injectors
  • Z32 80mm Air Flow Meter
  • Front Adjustable Swaybar and eventually one for the rear
  • Stereo Upgrade
  • Full Respray in Jet Black with Blue Pearl

    My main aims for the car are 200rwkW but I will be happy with anything above the 175rwkW mark as I don't want to go too overboard with the spending, but its my first Turbo car so it gets some serious attention from me :)

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