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Latest Updates - 2005-05-22
Well its been ages and plenty of things have happened, here is the quick and dirty upgrades list:
- Full Big Mouth OBK Vertex Drift Kit
- Volk 17" GT-P Rims
- SS Autochrome Manifold
- Xtrail SR20VET Turbo with Braided Lines
- S15 Brake Upgrade
- GReedy Style Oil Catch Can
- JVC Mp3 Head Unit

Parts waiting around ready to be installed:
- HKS Step 1 Cams (264/264) with Rocker Stoppers
- Apexi Power FC
- z32 Air Flow Meter
- SARD 550cc Injectors
- Digital Climate Control Upgrade
- 2 x 11" Thermo Fans

Unfortunately no Dyno Runs as yet to see how she is running, but should be done very shortly... should update more soon. Will try and update pictures of the car when I get some time.
Car Updates - 2004-01-21
Well I haven't posted any updates in a while, so I thought it best that I did so now :)

Nothing much is new, the car is running 10psi on a daily basis now, it ws dyno'd recently and at 12psi (peaking 14psi) it got 152.6rwkw running rich so I am quite happy.

Since then I have purchased a stainless steel manifold (the same as l6a6w6s6's one) and I am just waiting to grab an S15 turbo before that goes on.

P.S. I am currently looking for an S15 Turbo and S15 or 550CC Injectors, if anyone has some for sale, please email me.
Boosted And Still Running Sweet - 2003-07-14
Well the car has recently had its new suspension installed (KYB Hill Climber struts, Super Low King Springs, Front Whiteline Sway-Bar, Front and Rear Strut Braces) and on top of that I finally got around to installing the Go Fast Bits single stage boost controller (bleed valve).

At the moment the car is only running 10psi but I can notice the difference already, in the coming weeks it will go upto 12psi and I am hoping to get another dyno reading and maybe even a 1/4 mile time out of it.
Photos Updated For SR20DET Conversion - 2003-04-03
Well I picked the car up on Friday and damn it looks nice. You can view pictures of it finished here and here.

So now its time to start saving for S15 Turbo and Injectors :)
SR20DET Conversion Complete - 2003-03-27
Well after just a little over 6 weeks the SR20DET conversion is complete, the car is ready to be picked up tomorrow morning (This marks stage 1 of the cars progress).

After testing and making sure everything was running right the car went on the dyno this morning and pulled 133rwKw with stock boost, so I am happy with the result.

Hills decided they wanted to clean the car up and do a bit of a photo shoot with it this afternoon for their own records and publicity and thus I will be picking the car up Friday morning at 10am (photos, comments and a picture of the dyno sheet will be posted ASAP).
SR20DET Conversion Is Almost Complete - 2003-03-11
Well I just had a nice long 15 minute mobile phone conversation with Mark from Hills Motorsport. Looks like my car could be ready to pickup on Friday !!!

Just awaiting the Intercooler at the moment and the finishing touches on the exhaust etc :)

As you can probably tell I am extremely happy and can't wait to pick the car up. Will make sure to post pictures and maybe a video when its complete and home :) Otherwise you can just come and see it on this Sundays BBQ cruise :P

UPDATE: Snezy was able to take some photos (13/03/2003) you can find them here and here.
More SR20DET Conversion Progress - 2003-03-07
Well it seems the car is progressing well, after sorting out some stuff (such as a new smaller battery, new SR20 tailshaft etc) the car seems like it could be ready soon, once again *fingers crossed* for the BBQ Cruise.

I have been told by some friends, who have had the opportunity to visit Hills, that the motor is in, the brakes have been upgraded as well as the steering being transferred over from the frontcut (apparantly my steering rack was bent). After speaking to Marcus (champion!) from Hills, it seems that the intercooler is going on currently and as should the exhaust.

Hopefully I can get some pictures of the current state of the car, depending on if I can get out to Hills or if Snezy can drop in for me.
SR20DET Conversion Progress - 2003-02-25
Just got off the phone with Mark from Hills Motorsport, all systems are go for the car. New engine mounts and a heavy duty clutch are in order, but this was suspected.

Car should be ready *fingers crossed* for the SilviaNSW BBQ cruise. Also Silver S15 sider skirts arrived today and are ready to be modified in order to fit the car :)

As you can tell I am a happy drifter :)
Site Is Now Open & Operational - 2003-01-29
Well the site is basically 99% complete, with only a few minor fixes required and mainly the addition of the technical information on the car which should be up when I have some time.

I hope that everyone enjoys the site and finds it useful, if you have any suggestions or would like to give me your feedback then please email me.

P.S. Its officially SilviaNSW's 1st Birthday Today !!!
Site Update - 2003-01-23
Although the site seems to look like its nearly finished there is a lot of under the hood work going on.

This is primarily because the site is 99% database driven and admin controlled, so I am coding all the little bits and pieces to get it up and running, at the moment its ahead of schedule !!! (YAY).
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