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Welcome to Mayhem's Silvia Site.

This site is dedicated to my car and Nissan's / Silvia's that my friends own.

Here you will find information about my car's progress and my attempts at modifying it into an all round clean, not too flashy, performance machine.

I would like to also say thanks to all those that have helped along the way:

DumHed - Technical guru, the first step of information in any of my car quests
Lankey - A true friend who is always there to help with the back breaking work
Snezy - My coconspirator in crime, namely the formation and running of SilviaNSW
Risking - Yet another technical guru and about the only person besides me that works on the car now
SilviaNSW - All the members and friends who have helped along the way... too many to list

I hope you enjoy this site and find the information helpful.

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Latest Updates - 2005-05-22
Well its been ages and plenty of things have happened, here is the quick and dirty upgrades list:
- Full Big Mouth OBK Vertex Drift Kit
- Volk 17" GT-P Rims
- SS Autochrome Manifold
- Xtrail SR20VET Turbo with Braided Lines
- S15 Brake Upgrade
- GReedy Style Oil Catch Can
- JVC Mp3 Head Unit

Parts waiting around ready to be installed:
- HKS Step 1 Cams (264/264) with Rocker Stoppers
- Apexi Power FC
- z32 Air Flow Meter
- SARD 550cc Injectors
- Digital Climate Control Upgrade
- 2 x 11" Thermo Fans

Unfortunately no Dyno Runs as yet to see how she is running, but should be done very shortly... should update more soon. Will try and update pictures of the car when I get some time.

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